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Jeff Kossack

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: California (CA)

Genre: AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk


Jeff Kossack is a multi-instrumentalist, a singer-songwriter, and a studio owner and producer in Los Angeles, California. 

He’s been writing songs all his life, and has always had a band at any given time.   Starting off in a garage-band with friends, Jeff definitely had the fire in his belly to be a recording artist, but also realized he needed a career to make his dreams of home and family come true. 

After 30 years as a packaging designer, responsible for the look and structure of many national brands, he had a long standing pact with his accountant to let him know when he could actually sell his business and focus on making music, without the worry of making a living. This happened in 2006, when Jeff walked away from his “corner office,” most certainly at the peak of his career.   He’d been assured he would be secure after the sale of his company, and he was eager for his reinvention to begin. 

Jeff had been making music all his life, and always had some sort of recording rig, but always knew his engineering and production savvy would take off once he focused his attention on his songs. 

His studio, OtherHand Recording, has gone through many iterations, from the classic 244 table top 4 track cassette recorder to a massive DDA console and 2” machine. Nowadays, the rig while still of some size, is completely digital, as one might expect in this day and age.

The studio has always been a hub of creativity, but was never intended to be a big moneymaker. This was to be his room for recording HIS music.

After 2006, Jeff began focusing on production, and has produced and recorded songs for more than 150 artists, with 20 of them being full CD projects.  All of this work was done either for free or on sliding scale because everyone knows artists rarely have disposable income. He did so because he knew it would be easier to master the production side of the desk if he wasn’t also the “talent”.  

In 2011, Jimmy Yessian, another songwriter with very strong material, asked Jeff to join a dinner group of songwriters, all known to each other, to get together and talk about their efforts to get their music heard.  The dinner group became known as the Tall Men Group. They went on to write over 400 songs collectively, over a 7 year period, and tour and perform from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA.  The band continues on without Jeff, who dropped out in 2018 to record his catalog of the 70 songs he’d written during his tenure with the band. 

While being with the Talls, he also released a few records of his own with his studio band, the OtherHand.  The OtherHand has mostly been a band of revolving studio players; 40 or so in number which Jeff considers one of the best musical Rolodexes in Los Angeles.  Jeff rarely gigs out with this band, given the time constraints of his production schedule and the rest of his life, but they have released the following records: 

Float (2019)
1. Funny Thing About Luck
2. Today
3. Float
4. Clockwise
5. Original Sinner
6. Why You Wanna Make Me Mad?
7. I Just Need You
8. No Life After You
9. Waterlogged
10. Lie, Cheat, and Steal
11. If We'd Just Trade Shoes

Less is the New Black (2015)
1. On the Street
2. If It Rains on That Day
3. Sometimes Less Is More
4. My Biggest Mistakes
5. Just Breathe In (feat. Cristian Yancey)
6. My Life Fits
7. Twenty Some Odd Stones
8. I Believed
9. Makin' Jack
10. When Love Is New
11. I Will Always Be Here

CountrySoul (2012)
1. If I Have You
2. April Fool
3. Movin' On Instead
4. They Decide
5. (A Better Man) This Year
6. It's About You (feat. Rachel Pearl)
7. What If We Never Met
8. Love Dies Hard
9. Gone (feat. Stephen Styles)
10. Lessons of My Father
11. The Power of One

HalfLife (2010)
1. HalfLife
2. One More Day
3. Fool for Lovin' Me
4. Where Is the Boy ?
5. Always Like the First Time
6. Somebody New
7. Better Late Than Never
8. The Garden of Jealousy
9. You're Not Coming Home Tonight
10. Forever Girl
11. Watch It Burn

This Boy's Life (2006)
1. Holding Out
2. Staying After Love has Died
3. Test of Faith
4. Drive Me from Your Heart
5. Getting Me Back
6. Love Dies Hard
7. The Greatest Love (That Never Was)
8. She's Playing Hard To Get
9. Lay Down Like Lovers Do
10. So Soon
11. Somebody Loves Her
12. This Boy's Life
13. Timing is Everything

The Power of One (1998)

Additionally, Jeff co-wrote the top 20 hit, Fall in Love Again, for Eddie Money, with Monty Byrom and Eddie Money. 

In 2018, Jeff’s music was used exclusively as the diegetic music (the music that actors hear as part of their scene, like music coming out of a jukebox or car radio) for Season 1 of the Amazon series, ABSENTIA… 

2019 looks to stay on track as a very creative year.  In January, he released FLOAT, his sixth studio album.  The entire record is a vast departure from Jeff’s previous outings.   FLOAT is entirely a full band production, and the songs more electric than his usual acoustic blend. 

Additionally, Jeff is currently finishing two records for outstanding artists: 

Jimmy Yessian – A mix of acoustic and electric music of very original, meaningful, sentimental and thought provoking tunes. 

The Ploughboys – a new breed of Celtic music, infused with elements of both folk AND rock, both original tunes and traditional Celtic tunes, re-imagined with rocky,  upbeat arrangements. 

Jeff is going out on tour a few times this year with Jimmy Yessian, in a configuration known as From Different Mothers, where Jeff and Jimmy support each other musically as they trade original tunes. 

Funny Thing About Luck (Float)
Funny Thing About Luck (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
Today (Float)
Today (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
Float (Float)
Float (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
Clockwise (Float)
Clockwise (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
Original Sinner (Float)
Original Sinner (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
Why You Wanna Make Me Mad (Float)
Why You Wanna Make Me Mad (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
I Just Need You (Float)
I Just Need You (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
No Life After You (Float)
No Life After You (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
Waterlogged (Float)
Waterlogged (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
Lie, Cheat and Steal (Float)
Lie, Cheat and Steal (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
If We'd Just Trade Shoes (Float)
If We'd Just Trade Shoes (Float)
Genre(s): AAA - Roots - Americana - Folk
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