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Radio Submit Advisory Board

Barry Williams
Barry Williams
Job Title: Tour & Artist Management specialist

Specializes in tour management consultation. Barry has a strong background in tour operations, having worked for years with many Nashville based artists like Jimmy Wayne and Adam Gregory. Barry is also the father of famed country star Jason Aldean.

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Bruce Burch
Bruce Burch
Job Title: Director, Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program Kennesaw State University

Atlanta Chapter National Trustee at Recording Academy - Board Member at Music and Entertainment Industry Education Association - Former Creative Director EMI Music Publishing Nashville - Founder of the University of Georgia Music Business Program - Hit song writer - Publishing Consultant

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John Peyton
John Peyton
Job Title: Musician, Radio Show Host, National Advertising Specialist

John's company Jagger Peyton has produced over 1000 radio shows for broadcast and has created commercially successful radio specials including The Rolling Stones\' "Blues Licks," "On the Covers" and "Paint it Blue," in addition to "The Blues of Zeppelin", "Ladies Sing the Blues", "Real Blues Brothers" and many more. The Blueseum of Fine Art currently airs in dozens of markets throughout the United States from coast to coast. He and partner Chris Jagger recently completed the movie I Got The Blues in Austin with the Rolling Stones and has sponsorships with some of the worlds biggest brands like Patron and Paul Mitchell Products.

Monte Willis
Monte Willis
Job Title: VP of Promotion and A&R at Radio Submit, Owner of Music Business Architects

Co-founded Encore Music Group in Nashville Tn. which went on to score 5 number 1 hits.
A few of the notable songs were: Love the Way You Love Me, recorded by Faith Hill, Something Like That, Tim McGraw and Smile recorded by Lonestar. One of my greatest honors was setting up the writing session that produced Hall & Oates last number one hit, If a Promise Ain't Enough.

Booked many regional and national shows including The Late Show with David Letterman, Entertainment Tonight, the Martin Short show, and Donny and Marie.

Also worked on projects with industry luminary's, Jim Fogelsong, Tim DuBois, Buddy Killen, Craig Kallman, James Stroud, Paul Shaffer and Karl Engemann.

Specialize in Social Media and consulting artists, writers, stars, companies and investors interested in doing business within the Nashville Music System.

Recently introduced to the music industry My Tip Jar and FanVision (Special thanks to Scott B. Dave Kelly, Cheyana Weekley and the rest of the BMLG on this one)..

Current and former clients include:Gary Wright, Jason Aldean, Hall & Oates, Taylor Dayne, Hit Song Writers DeWayne Blackwell(Friends in Low Places), Michael Garvin , Keith and Adrian Follose, Tara Bianco, Pat Travers, Nickelodeon, Alex Young, Shawn Southwick King, Jaffe Braunstein Films, The Master Bob Mayo!(RIP),Guitar Center, Ace Hardware, Ric Wake, Denise Rich and the W&R Music Group,

We work with 100's of artists and record labels via our partnership in Radio Submit.
In 2012 reopened Encore Music as VMG/Encore, the roster includes up andcoming writers Evan Wright and Adam Doleac.

2004 created Floor Safety USA and started developing products to prevent slip and falls the 2 leading cause of accidental death in America. Since then we have worked with a who's who list of the top brands in the world including the Home Shopping Network.

Ritch Esra
Ritch Esra
Job Title: Consultant, Teacher, Publisher

Ritch started out as a promotion coordinator for A&M Records in Los Angeles then soon moved on to become the director of A&R for Arista Records. After leaving his post at Arista he went on to write, and produce the ground breaking video for independent artists, How to Get A Record Deal;

Ritch is well known in the industry for his encyclopedic knowledge of the music business and those who work in it, he has been a guest lecturer at USC, UCLA, NYU, and Middle State Tennessee as well as Canadian Music Week, and New Orleans Business Symposium in addition he was an instructor at the Trebas Institute of Recording Arts in Los Angeles, where he was the chief Instructor as well as at UCLA Extension, USC, SAE teaching several courses including: A&R The Heartbeat of the Record Company, which focused on the artist signing policies of major and independent record labels,

Presently his is owner and co-publisher of the Music Business Registry considered the industry's contact Bible.

Wilbur Rimes
Wilbur Rimes
Job Title: Producer

Wilbur Rimes is considered a hit finding genius and has produced many of our era's most played and well known songs via his production of daughter LeAnn; songs like How Will I Live, and Blue have driven over 37 million in CD sales and led to LeAnn being named Grammy Artist of the year at age 14 the youngest in history.

Wilbur was also behind all the hits of Steve Holy and is now producing up and coming superstar Curb Recording artist Rachel Holder. Wilbur Rimes, and Rachel Holder are shown on the left. Rachel's album will be released to radio early in 2012.

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