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KBPR Plays Dons 75+1 Birthday Bash!

» KBPR 08/14/17 » commentaar: 0


August 12, 2017

We knew this was going to be a fun adventure from the correspondence we had had with our hostess Maureen and with the world's most amazing event planner Callie from Holcomb Weddings & Events. LIttle did we know just how fun our adventure would turn out to be!
Let's start with the world's cleanest bathrooms. Not exciting to most, but when you travel a lot it deserves a shout out, so the gals at the Subway we stopped at somewhere outside of Puyallap, Washington off Hwy. 512 get a huge round of applause for that one!
Luckily, our GPS had us turn on an alternative street instead of getting back on the highway as while we were eating lunch the entire stretch of road had been closed down due to some sort of police activity. Not only the highway, but every street that crossed under the highway . . . . . for MILES!! Unfortunately, our destination was on one side of the highway - and we were on the other. Fun times. Clock ticking.
We made it. Set up accomplished in record time. A lovely member of the catering crew even helped Kathy get dressed so downbeat could happen just as the guests arrived!
And arrive they did. From all over the United States and Canada. Friends and family members with a lot of catching up to do before the guest of honor showed up to shouts of "SURPRISE!!" an hour later. As the band broke into "Am I A Fool For Your Love?" birthday boy Don made his rounds for hugs and handshakes with one very big smile on his face!
We continued to play up until dinner time, when we attempted to get people to their tables first in waltz time, then in bluegrass breakdown time, and finally by breaking into Foggy Mountain Breakdown. That did the trick!! A round of applause for finally getting themselves seated, and we turned the music over to the fabulous musical selections of DW Entertainment.
We came back after dinner for a wrap up with a song we'd written specifically for birthday boy Don, which included some hilarious references to his life's adventures, an incredibly endearing moment when we accompanied his wife Maureen while she sang "Sunshine On My Shoulders" to him, a rousing rendition of "Big River", and of course a Grand Finale of "Happy Birthday".
Was our adventure done? Absolutely not!! The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire ( was going on at another section of the farm!! We just had to take a peek!! And imagine our delight to discover some of the characters were staying at our hotel!!
Oh the fun we have traveling the musical highway together. Thank you Maureen Olson, for making us a part of your husbands special day!

KBPR Does Darrington (the bluegrass festival that is) 2017

» KBPR 07/27/17 » commentaar: 0

KBPR Does Darrington (the bluegrass festival that is) 2017

July 21 - 23, 2017

40 acres. 41 years. 42,000 volunteers (or at least it felt like it!). What an amazing festival the Bluegrass & Country Music Makers Association in the beautiful state of Washington put together each year! 
After a horrendous commute up from our home state of Oregon, we arrived to find our troubles were nothing at all when we discovered we would be parked in Rhonda Vincent's camping spot as her beautiful bus was currently broke down in Cheyenne, Wyoming! Our wonderful location proved to be perfect for meeting people, handing out lots and lots of homemade cookies, and listening to some really DANDY all night jam sessions.
We not only got to share the stage with some of our favorite bands and personal friends, we had the opportunity to catch up with so many dear friends and meet so many amazing people over the course of the weekend. There was much dancing and singing and hoola hoops were everywhere! 
We nominated banjo player Tom as Camp Cook this trip, and he did such a splendid job that he now has the title for life! What an amazing camp stove set up he has! 
We also discovered we have a group of Phledgling Phoenix friends (thanks for the name Molly and Jeff!). Festivals are always more fun when friends travel with you! 
We honestly can't say enough about the Darrington Bluegrass Festival. It was an honor to be a part of it. Thank you Diana Morgan and crew for inviting Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising to be a part of your stellar event!

KBPR Hits the Square at PDX Noon Tunes

» KBPR 07/13/17 » commentaar: 0

KBPR Hits the Square at PDX Noon Tunes

July 11, 2017

In the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon the town square is lovingly referred to as the "living room", where all sorts of activities are constantly taking place. On Tuesdays during the summer, IKEA, The Oregonian, and KGW-TV sponsor and event called Noon Tunes at Pioneer Courthouse Square - and we got to kick off the 2017 edition!
To our surprise the entire square was under construction when we pulled in, but the clever crew had figured out how to make the show go on, and it actually became a very intimate free-for-all surrounded by the sites, smells, and sounds of the busy downtown workday. The famous Portland Trail Blazers showed up to shoot some hoops, a troop of local YMCA kiddos came and sat right at the foot of the stage, and our mercantile booth hosts Kindred Hospice were so much fun passing out bottles of water to the crowd and dancing around the We Honor Veterans banner at the table that we were as entertained as the crowd was!
What a treat to run into folks who have been following us for years, and to meet so many new people too.
Our favorite quote of the day was when a gentleman came up and said, "We have been under the oppression of construction, but today have brought joy to Portland's Living Room today."
A joyful day it was. Thank you Pioneer Courthouse Square for asking Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising to be a part of this fun event.

KBPR at the 20th World Beat Festival

» KBPR 06/27/17 » commentaar: 0

KBPR at the 20th World Beat Festival

July 25, 2017

Burning Down the House took on a whole new meaning in the triple digit heat of the final weekend of June as the city of Salem, Oregon celebrated the 20th year that the World Beat Festival had come to town.
We were delighted to be asked to return to this event to represent the music of America. Playing our original music as the steamboat made it's way up and down the Willamette River in the background made for an idyllic vision for the folks gathered on the amphitheater lawn and under the shady bits scattered throughout the park.
We loved the fact that the producers of the festival thought to provide great big umbrellas for folks so they could sit close the the stage and make their own shade!
We got such a kick out of the belly dancers who opened for us (bare foot on the hot bricks!) and the drummers who followed us (with the most adorable little emcee ever!). It was an international experience for the eyes, the ears and the tastebuds!
We adore this event. If you want to relive it or couldn't make it, you can relive the fun as CCTV filmed the entire thing! We can't wait to see it!


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