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Truth Is 4 "coming soon" mixtape album will be available for free download on

Crazy Mountain Billies 2017 Tour

» Andrew Bormes 03/24/17 » commentaar: 0

Crazy Mountain Billies 2017 Tour

Lots of upcoming tour dates at:

KBPR at the Emerald Valley Opry

» KBPR 03/12/17 » commentaar: 0

KBPR at the Emerald Valley Opry

March 11, 2017

It has been an 8 year tradition now for us to travel to Eugene, Oregon to participate in the Emerald Valley Opry. This event brings together a variety of performers on a monthly basis to raise money to keep music programs in the Bethel Public School system while providing entertainment in a beautiful auditorium with a cast of volunteers that is an absolute delight to work with.

This time around we were treated to an AMAZING lunch by hosts Paul and Marilee (Willis) Euhus, who both hail from Kathy Boyd's hometown of Clatskanie, Oregon. Oh the memories! Oh the teachers and neighbors in common! The highlight of lunch was discovering that Marilee had been Kathy's Sunday School teacher "way back when"! (Okay, perhaps it was the apple pie, but the reminiscing was pretty darn cool!).

We were asked to perform a special one hour show (rare for an Opry appearance of any sort) and the crowd apparently agreed with this decision. They hooted and hollered and were so incredibly enthusiastic with their laughter and applause.
During the break we had the opportunity to connect with friends, chat with long time Opry goers, meet so many new people, and hear so much enthusiasm for our new Tuesday Studio Tunes series! It is always such a delight, and our favorite part of our visits to the Emerald Valley Opry.

We'd like to send a special thank you to Ron Cooper Jr. for asking us to appear, and to all the Opry volunteers for their hard work and dedication to keeping this event not only running smoothly, but for making it so fun to be a part of. Good fun for a great cause - is there any better way to spend a Saturday night?

KBPR at the OFEA Annual Conference 2017

» KBPR 03/09/17 » commentaar: 0

KBPR at the OFEA Annual Conference 2017

March 6 - 8, 2017

Each March we look forward to our annual trip to the Oregon Festival and Events Association Conference. It's such a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with dear friends, make new ones, catch up on what's new and happening in the festival and events universe, and show our stuff to those who we hope are interested in hiring us.
This year we noticed the continuation of a theme that's been growing for about six months now, and we enjoyed the rise of the millennials showing us just how awesome they can be. (On the other hand, there is the realization that the boomers age range is now approximately 53 - 71 years old. . . . and that does affect how one markets their entertainment!).
We loved the sense of family, and how the entertainers seemed to be all over each other's stages and in each others booths and showing off each others swag both on and off the stage. There were so many new members this year, and the returning members were so incredibly welcoming and helpful. There seemed to be more networking this year than ever before!
Kathy was asked to present this year, which was a real treat as she has been mentoring and helping folks both on the entertainer side and the promotions side of the table for decades now.
Our stage show was great fun as we had to rescue banjo player Tom from the Urgent Care Clinic at Providence Seaside Hospital to get to the gig on time! All is well, but the audience was right on it when it came to play their part in our "sympathy schtick"! (He is a banjo player after all!) We threw in a couple of Christmas songs in honor of the snow that continued to fall (in March!), and generally just had a grand old time leading everyone into the annual Ovation Awards.
We were pretty sure the party was over, until we stopped for lunch at Camp 18 Restaurant & Giftshop in Elsie, Oregon and discovered a whole crew from the event had also stopped for lunch!
More fond farewells and thank you's for another winner of a conference and we were off to do our follow up and put yet another amazing memory in the Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising books. Thank you Scott, Jill and gang. We are proud to be a part of your organization!


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