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Rebekah Victoria
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The Street Music Band
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Rebecca Dumaine and the Dave Miller Combo
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Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet
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Jamageddon 6

» danagaynor 03/26/19 » commentaar: 0

Jamageddon 6

If you are in the area of western NJ come join us for the 2 day Jamageddon music fest at the American Spirits Roadhouse in Asbury NJ. 14 top regional band over Friday and Saturday 3/29 &3/30. $10 per day or $15 for both, hosted by the Dana Gaynor Band. We go on each day at 9 PM.  Plenty of parking, full bar, good food and  great sound system make it a great time.  If you can get there it's a definite party!!

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Thank You for checking out The Jimmy Hudson Band

» Jimmy Hudson Band 08/24/18 » commentaar: 0

Jimmy Hudson Band

Just want to say a quick thank you for checking us out! I hope you enjoy our new single Ohio Mojo Funk.

”There is such a feeling in this rock music, that when Norman adds americana/country to it, you just gotta hear more.”

» andersnorman 08/02/18 » commentaar: 0

”There is such a feeling in this rock music, that when Norman adds americana/country to it, you just gotta hear more.”


”There is such a feeling in this rock music, that when Norman

adds americana/country to it, you just gotta hear more.”

Quote from the album review Uncle Rock ( Rated 4/5.


A decade on the road with 120-150 gigs per year have had some

effect on me for sure. Here’s the fifth album in 10 years.

Exploring different styles within the genre of Americana this

has ”Heartland rock” written all over it. Maybe some would say

it’s in the same area as Tom Petty, Springsteen,

Mellencamp and even Bob Seger . I’d see this album is like a

new neighbor moving into the old house next door, rebuilds

and put some new colors on it.

Brings life to the whole neighborhood. It’s familiar yet fresh

and modern. Andreas Eriksson, the producer hasn’t turned 30

yet and definitely got a modern sound to the album.


Lifelines contains stories from real life.

An old colleague lost his daughter to cancer just 22 years old in

”Still Here We Are” and asked me to write her a song. When

I was 18 I felt the need to discover the world and left home to

see America in ”Born To Be”

”Dreams and Guitars is a true story about Josie who got

tired of her abusive boyfriend and packed her bags and left to

freedom. She moved to Nashville where we met her.


The track ”Can’t Get Enough” is a walk through my

hometown. Where we ran when we were kids and living life to

the fullest. In the second verse my son is now running the same


Runaway is also a true story. Alcohol can turn good people

bad. Here someone had too much to drink, snapped and went

crazy , ran out the door and winding up in a river. February,

freezing cold, in the middle of the night. Duet with Sofie

Alvén. A singer from Malmö with an amazing voice.


No matter what side you are on in any conflict in the world,

there are always kids who suffer most. Political, religious or

whatever reason the wars are raging, the kids are totally

innocent. No kid is born evil…Remember The Children.


These Are The Times…The world leaders of today sure ain’t

right… It’s a crazy world.


Lifelines availability

Lifelines is available on all digital plattform as well as CD and

soon vinyl. If you want the album or a certain track sent as

WAV-file please contact me at

and I will send you a link for free download.


If you have any questions please contact me at

+46 739 470 000


Enjoy and hope You’ll like!


Have a great day!

Anders Norman



» PercyandTheStorm 07/15/18 » commentaar: 0


Blues Blast Magazine Review
2018 BY 
Percy Fairweather & The Storm with The Winters Brothers Band – Reign Of Blues
SouthStar Records
13 songs – 68 minutes
As band names go, Percy Fairweather & The Storm with The Winters Brothers Band doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue. To add to the intrigue, the musicians’ names are pseudonyms, the band comprising various old musical friends from different bands together with some family members. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Percy Fairweather is actually Dennis Winters, who founded and led the Winters Brothers Band with his brother Donnie in the 1970s. The Storm is also known as crack guitarist/producer/engineer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jamie LaRitz. Both players forged their reputations in the world of Southern Rock and they have played with everyone from the Allman Brothers to ZZ Top.
The new moniker has a distinctly British sound to it. So, with hints of Doug Sahm’s Sir Douglas Quintet in the band’s name, how well do these Southern Rockers play the blues? Rather well, it transpires.
Reign Of Blues was recorded in Ritz’s studio in Nashville and opens with the roaring slow blues of “Baby Hates To Love Me” with muscular-but-melodic lead guitar from LaRitz perfectly complementing Winters’ heartfelt vocals. A second slow blues, “When You Love Somebody”, quickly follows before we start to move into rockier territory with “One More Time”.  The stop-time chorus and singalong chorus of “Go With The Flow” recalls late-era Blackfoot when Ken Hensley joined on keyboards. LaRitz’s playing is again quite outstanding.
Winters’ daughter, Casey Winters, takes over lead vocals on the funky “Lesson Learned”. The core band however comprises Winters on vocals and guitars; LaRitz on vocals, guitars, bass, drums and keys; Chad Booher on drums and percussion, Cody Winters, Carly Winters, Jason Pitts and “Trez” on background vocals;  Dave Murphy on keys and backing vocals; Matthew Randall on sax; Charles J Reagan on trumpet; and Joel “Taz” DiGregorio and Phil Wolfe on B3. Rick Brothers and TJ Wilder take the drum stool for one song each.
Winters and LaRitz co-wrote all the songs except for the Dennis Winters/Austin Winters composition, “One Fine Day”. One of the emotional highlights of the album, “One Fine Day” features Winters singing a heartbreaking gospel melody solo and a capella.  Clocking in at just over three minutes, there isn’t a wasted second on the song. (There is a live recording of “One Fine Day”, equally as good, added as an uncredited bonus track at the end of the album).
The musicians are quite comfortable stretching out on songs. “Baby Hates To Love Me” is over seven minutes long. “Don’t Get Me Started is only a few seconds shorter. And the minor blues title track is a few seconds shy of nine minutes in length. It reflects the quality of both the songs and the musicians that no track outstays its welcome.
Reign Of Blues isn’t really a blues album. “Don’t Get Me Started”, for example, recalls Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You”. “Heroes In Heaven” has a 1970s classic rock vibe. It’s a blues-rock album, and it’s one that will greatly appeal to fans of Gary Moore and Walter Trout.  The songs are well-written and well-played, with some stellar guitar playing from LaRitz. And while it may not be a blues album, Reign of Blues is a very impressive, very enjoyable album.



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