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location AMERICA NORTH: USA: Maryland (MD)
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KBPR Hits a Big 50th/Reunion Surprise Party 2018

» KBPR 05/20/18 » comments: 0

KBPR Hits a Big 50th/Reunion Surprise Party 2018

April 21, 2018


One of our favorite things about the type of people who hire us for weddings, is we tend to create bonds that last a lifetime.
We were delighted to hear that a 50th birthday bash was being planned in honor of David, who's wedding we had performed at a handful of years ago. What fun to reconnect with these amazing people who surround themselves with just as much love and generosity as they share with everyone they meet.
David's Mom was the hit of the party. She had so much fun sitting right in front of the band singing along - we even played Wagon Wheel for her TWICE!
Birthday Jeopardy took up the time we were on break - we enjoyed it as much as the party guests, and took notes (as someone in the band is turning 65 next year!).
The "Swamp" theme was hilarious as "Alligator Chic" was the theme of the day, and the decorations included a tree on the kitchen bar and a boat that took up the entire dining room. It was an amazing story how they actually got it in there!
Fun was had. Tears of happiness were shed. Voodoo potato chips were discovered!
We adore these folks. What a treat to reconnect. Thank you so much David and Mark (and Ariana too!). We wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon!

KBPR at the PFS Monthly Concert Series 2018

» KBPR 05/20/18 » comments: 0

KBPR at the PFS Monthly Concert Series 2018

April 20, 2018

The Portland FolkMusic Society puts on a dandy concert each month, presenting all sorts of different music to a highly enthusiastic audience. We have wanted to be a part of this series for years - and were so delighted to be asked to take part in their 2018 series.
We had the honor of kicking of their move to a new location, which is a dandy venue located at the Reedwood Friends Church in Southeast Portland, Oregon. Easy access, great acoustics, and the volunteers for this organization are top notch!
To our delight the audience sang along to all of our songs - both original and those we "borrowed" from elsewhere. What a crowd! They delighted in our stories and the audience interaction was so much fun for us.
Check out the lineup for this series and be sure to stop by, and bring a friend or five. It's a dandy way to spend a Friday night!
Thank you Portland FolkMusic Society. We hope you'll have us back again one day!


The Fan Voted Chart

» Tim Bennett 04/17/18 » comments: 0

Tim Bennett

"There Was Nothing I Could Do" from the album The View From Here by Tim Bennett reached #52 on the 4/15/18 edition of The Fan Voted Chart.



Brand New CD " Hourglass Dance "

» sthirlwall 04/17/18 » comments: 0

Brand New CD

2018 ..

We have just released our third CD . " Hourglass Dance " is about life, love and passing of time. 9 tracks of stories which mostly come from personal experience and observations .. more like eaves dropping Embarassed. After losing some dear friends last year we are committed to going for it on every level. More loving, laughing and sharing music ... As our Dad used to say ... " If you blink , your gonna miss it "   We hope you enjoy the new songs  .

Sheryl and Kerry 


Down In Flames      

Hourglass Dance 

Raise Your Glass

Green Eyed Blues


My Disquise

We're Dancing 




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