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Back From Memphis

» christianmberry 02/13/17 » Kommentare: 0


Well, The Swamp Poets are back from Memphis where we did well and made lots of international friends, fans and connections. We're hamering out the details of a Spring U.S. Tour and then maybe a trip through South America then hopefully Europe. Doesn't hurt to dream big does it? We'll be headed back in to the studio at the end of this month to finish up our "Double Album Set" with the full band. We're staying pretty busy! Hope to visit your town soon!

KBPR at Irv's 90th Birthday Bash

» KBPR 02/05/17 » Kommentare: 0

KBPR at Irv's 90th Birthday Bash

February 4, 2017

Sometime' the opportunity to do something a bit out of the ordinary comes along that simply can't be passed up. The invitation to become a part of the Dayton family for an afternoon as they celebrated the 90th birthday of patriarch Irv ramped up into more and more fun as we dove into the family history and planned a musical program to fit with this very special celebration.

Banjo and fiddle enthusiasts in the clan? Out came those hot instrumentals. A fairy tale love story? Bring on an up tempo love duet that had the love birds both blushing and with tears of laughter in their eyes by the end (and kissing right on cue!). Requests for geographical themed songs brought out family stories - our favorite being the story of being saved from a rattlesnake bite literally by the hair of one's head!

The highlight of our contribution to the day was the much anticipated debut of our host and the birthday boys son-in-law Jeff as he performed two songs with us, followed by a rousing sing-a-long of a song written specifically for Irv full of "Irvisms" contributed by the family. A finale of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and a well witnessed handshake contract to return to perform again in 10 years wrapped up our part of this love filled day that the birthday boy exclaimed was "Worth waiting 90 years for!"

Thank you Beth, Jeff and clan for allowing us to spend this heartwarming day as part of your family. It meant the world to us.

Trip Jct Records

» Marty Denton 01/21/17 » Kommentare: 0

Trip Jct Records

Trip Jct Records

Marty Denton BMI

Jerry McCoy BMI

Push Mountain Publishing BMI



Winona Grange 2nd Saturday Concert Series

» KBPR 01/16/17 » Kommentare: 0

Winona Grange 2nd Saturday Concert Series

January 14, 2017

When the weather outside is so frightful that it's being called "historic" you know every single member of the audience REALLY wants to be in attendance - and oh what an amazing group of people attended our show at the beautiful Winona Grange on the 2nd Saturday of January 2017!

Hosted by the world's most active and high spirited Grange Master Sam Keator and his lovely wife Anne Doherty, this monthly event features not only musicians from around the world, but homemade treats between sets, comfy seats and . . . . well, you just can't have more fun on a Saturday night. Check out everything music related going on here at and everything grange related going on at

We performed songs off of all our CD's, and told stories even we hadn't heard before! We made so many new friends and found that many folks had learned about the show (and the band!) from a very nice article in Tualatin Life earlier this month (People still read their local newspapers!).

We got the audience involved in interactive storytelling and delighted everyone with the appearance of special guest Mark Gensman when he joined us to add his saxophone skills to a rousing rendition of "Let Her Roll".

At the end of the night the audience literally pounded their feet on the historic wood floor to keep the show going!

We love this venue. We adore these people. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU (as the song goes) to everyone who came out to make this evening such a wonderful memory for us.

(And a special thank you to all of our photographers!)


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