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KBPR at First Taste Oregon 2018

» KBPR 02/09/18 » comments: 0

KBPR at First Taste Oregon 2018

January 26, 2018

For one weekend each January one building at the Oregon State Fairgrounds turns it into a wonderland of everything Oregon. Music, food, drink, activities, handcrafts, - you name it. If it comes from or is made in our magical state, there it is. WOW!
Hosted by Ingalls & Associates, who always put on the best of parties, we were beyond thrilled to get the invitation to perform on the main stage - on our own Tim Crosby's birthday no less! It was a party within a party!
Word got out quickly on that one and soon we had birthday cupcakes direct from Spirit Mountain Casino, a growler of fine cider from 12 Bridge Ciderworks, homemade guacamole from our friend (and official photographer!) Tamara Malcome, and several tables full of Tim's students to help us celebrate. Too much fun!
Children danced, people sang along, we ran into dear friends and made new ones. Delightful discoveries of places to go and items produced in our state were everywhere you looked. It was like Christmas all over again!!
And afterwards, a late night dinner celebration to wrap it all up.
Oh how we hope we'll get asked back to this one again. First Taste Oregon is definitely on our favorites list! Thank you Scott and Jill Ingalls. Your enthusiasm to showcase the State of Oregon continue to outstand and amaze!!

Review from Iaan Hughes KBCS 91.3FM Americana Music Director

» Nancy K Dillon 02/06/18 » comments: 0

Nancy K Dillon

KBCS logo square

Review: Iaan Hughes [KBCS 91.3FM Americana MD] reviews "A Game of Swans" in his 'Music of the Moment' Blog

Artist: Nancy K. Dillon

Album: A Game of Swans

Label: Rose Rock Records

It’s been some years since we’ve had new music from Seattle based singer-songwriter Nancy K. Dillon. Her fine album Game of Swans makes us hope it won’t be quite so long next time. Ms. Dillon’s voice remains flat out gorgeous – a dust-tinged Kate Wolf with the natural western lilt of Mary McCaslin. Come for the voice, but stay for the melodies and fictions that rise and fall like the stars over the lives of gold prospectors, tramps, and immigrants making their way through this sepia-toned American dream.


Review of "Annabelle" Video Single from Oliver di Place Music Videos

» Nancy K Dillon 02/06/18 » comments: 0

Nancy K Dillon

Review of "Annabelle" video single from Oliver di Place Music Videos:

"This video has great power in its simplicity, and I hope I would somehow have found it if it hadn't found me. The music is haunting, with a percussive pulse and basic backing guitar supporting Dillon's bluesy lead and understated vocal. The lyrics ask the listener to fill in details, so your interpretation may be different from mine. That is something great art can do, so I won't say anything to spoil it for you. The visual finds an amazing balance, providing concrete details while still leaving the viewer's imagination free to roam".




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