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Alwaz Carey Releases New Album With New UK Label

» In-Ex Records 10/26/19 » comments: 0

Alwaz Carey Releases New Album With New UK Label



Alwazhails from Columbus, Ohio.  He started performing for friends and family in the choir at the tender age of three and his father put him on a professional stage at the age of five years old, where he learned to rock a mic and please a crowd. 

This leads to his newly released hip-hop and RnB album "Theres Only Goodbyez".  The album portrays his spirituality, religious beliefs and love for all, the first release with newly signed independent label, distributor and publisher In-Ex Records deriving from Berkshire UK.


Carey mastered musical instruments such as the drums, keyboards and percussion and started singing.  He went on to rap and produce in the inner city ghettos with artists such as STANLEY JAMES, KAISER JONES, LAVEL JACKSON, BC, and HONEY PARKER just to name a few.  


Alwaz has dedicated his life to giving rather than receiving.  This is why his life stories will be shared with everyone, from children to the elderly, in order to touch and strengthen their souls.  

He has written and produced his own music.  His vision and music are through the love of God “with no curse in his verse”.    Alwaz has written and produced more than 300 songs which include all genres of music geared towards movie sound tracks. 






Los Vertigos are your answer to Rock and Soul Salvation!

» Vertigos 10/23/19 » comments: 0

Los Vertigos are your answer to Rock and Soul Salvation!

Serving Texas and the global marketplace since 2006, according to the Houston Chronicle,"Los Vertigos will make your head spin and knock you off balance with their revivalist blues-rock and neo-soul." These Night Moves Magazine Music Award winners perform the deep cuts as well as the infectious hits and non-hits from the Great American (and British) Songbook. Fronted by the Ross Brothers; "Snake Bite" and "Road Rash" (who happen to be identical twins), Los Vertigos are a band for all occasions and for all ages. Eclectic yet entertaining, Los Vertigos provide their fans with the music of their lifetime but with a "Texas-centric" point of view. After experiencing this unique ensemble of well-seasoned musicians, one soon realizes that this ain't your grandma's "bar band." Think of Los Vertigos the next time you are booking your casino, festival, cruise ship, gala, night club, road house, ice house, biker rally or "big-ass" private party!

Montasia Breathe New Life Into A 1966 Hit Single

» In-Ex Records 10/17/19 » comments: 0

Montasia Breathe New Life Into A 1966 Hit Single

Reading, England – September 24, 2019 – Longtime friends and music partners Chris Emerson and Donald Poole are making waves as the EDM duo Montasia with their genre-fusing signature style that has critics and fans alike raving, especially over their latest single, “Sunny.”

For those thinking “Sunny” sounds a little familiar, that’s because it was a hit a Billboard hit back in 1966. Montasia wanted to bring the song into the 21st century. So they gave it a Montasia modern makeover! Perhaps the 2019 version of “Sunny” will find its way onto the Billboard Chart once again. It wouldn’t be the first time Montasia had a hit on their hands. Chris Emerson found himself with a Billboard smash with “All Because of You” in recent years.

Read more http://www.kake.com/story/41127623/montasia-breathe-new-life-into-a-1966-hit-with-new-single

he World - New CD Release - September 2019

» gousterman 10/16/19 » comments: 0

he World - New CD Release - September 2019

Walt Cronin is a singer/songwriter of Americana, Folk and Country music from Oak Park, IL. He has lived in Los Angeles, CA for 40 years married to his wife Viola, from Germany for the last 30 years. Some of the songs he has written are centered on life in America following the Vietnam war (during which, Walt was a navy combat medic attached to the marines). His music is also, very much based on his numerous life experiences and observations from a semi-nomadic life.
Walt's music has charted on Roots Music Report a number of times in the Americana and Folk categories. His first album, The Gousters spent more than 60 weeks in the Top 50 of the Roots Music Report Folk Chart. Sense the World is Walt's 5th CD release, 8 years in its making.
stw.publish.one.sheet1   Publisher Files
Review – Sense the World
Every few years those of us who enjoy Americana/Folk music are treated to a new album from Walt Cronin. He is the everyman musician, singing about real people and real emotions. This new album is no exception. For me, this is great rainy-day music. Music to make you think. Music to make you feel. And once again, he has topped all his previous work. Give this a listen. You’ll be glad you did.
Bruce Greenberg - The Promise Live

Review of song: Way Back Home
"Love it! I enjoyed the fierce spirit of perseverance in this, the willingness to just keep GOING. It’s beautiful!" ~ Mary Gauthier



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